I’m Tjebbe Lievens. A 21-year-old Belgian software developer, tester, IT freak. I like to build websites and develop software. I have 100s of websites built for myself, friends and organizations. Whenever I have made extensive use of open source software. But I never did something back for the open source software community. Here I want to change that. I’m going to work on several open source projects. I’ll start some new open source projects. I’ll also make some of my closed source projects open source available.

What is TPWeb?

Previously, when I was younger (13-14 y), I dreamed of a large software company. TPWeb in dutch: Tjebbes programma’s en websites (in English: Tjebbes Software and websites). That would be the name of the company. As I maybe was a little too young and inexperienced to find a good name but I was and am proud of it. I started learning HTML, PHP and everything that goes with this. I quickly built my own personal website about my sports career. After that, I built my own webbases sports simulation game and a social network. What if I had more experience? And a budget? Maybe I was the Mark Zuckerberg. Unfortunately, both websites barely made users. I was too young … Pretty soon I wanted to learn something new. I start with vb.net and built my own web browser. Later I learned C # and Java.

Now you can described TPWeb beter as Tjebbes oPen source Web software.